Guard 2019: Protection 101

Khozmiq NeWagè

You could be the target of witchcraft and not even know it!

All people, spiritual or not, are susceptible to these attacks. The difference: spiritual practitioners can do something about it. Now you can too.

Guard 2019 is a complete how-to webinar on preventing, defending, and reversing magickal attacks of any kind. 

You will learn to:

Set up early-warning systems.

Appease angry spirits through offerings.

Perform daily banishings and make amulets that will prevent most attacks.

Make magickal “decoys” to absorb attacks against you

Summon guardian spirits for help.

Bind, confuse or expel a persistent enemy who will not leave you be.

These techniques aren't just for one specific spiritual tradition, either, but for anyone who puts magick to practical use.

Like the old mystics, you can now defend yourself and your loved ones against even the strongest attacks!

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Guard 2019: Protection 101

I want this!